appScout June 18th, 2010 "TextFlow can be a huge boost to your productivity." - AppScout
macworld June 3rd, 2010 "...simplifies the process of integrating changes into Word documents by combining several versions of the same document into one and highlighting the differences so you can easily choose among them." - Computerworld
macworld May 3rd, 2010 " you a visually rich way to make editorial decisions." - Macworld
CMSWire April 27th, 2010 "With TextFlow, Microsoft Word users are provided a simple, yet dynamic way to gather and review text input from colleagues, partners and clients in order to make effective decisions on which contributions will go into the next version." - CMSWire
InformationWeek April 27th, 2010 "I was impressed with the way it handled comparing two or more versions of a document, highlighting the differences between them, and enabling a reviewer to choose which edits to keep and which to discard." - InformationWeek
PCWorld April 25th, 2010 "You can then easily make executive decisions about which changes to keep, and which to undo." - PCWorld
CMSWire February 25th, 2010 "By providing the API for a tool that could potentially revitalize and improve document management workflow, there may be room for others to capitalize on its functionality. From GoogleDocs to Dropbox, the opportunity to integrate the TextFlow application is potentially endless." - CMSWire
InformationWeek February 24th, 2010 "It is, frankly the easiest way to review multiple edits to the same text and reconcile them that I've ever used - and I've had jobs where that was my main task." - InformationWeek
PCWorld February 23rd, 2010 "TextFlow Brings Document Comparisons to" - PCWorld
Macworld February 23rd, 2010 "’s the most promising tool I’ve seen in a while for dealing with multiple versions of text documents." - Macworld
Cnet February 23rd, 2010 "The partnership solves one big problem, and that's wrangling multiple versions of a file." - Cnet
BNET November 17th, 2009 "...makes comparing and reconciling your copies of Word documents as easy as pie." - BNET
Web Worker Daily November 11th, 2009 " is a promising tool that is worth a spot in every web worker’s bag of tricks when it comes to resolving document versioning issues..." - Web Worker Daily
CMSWire November 10th, 2009 "TextFlow, known for its ability to let users compare, recombine and merge multiple versions of a document, is a collaboration tool that defies boundaries, letting users work how they want, when then want." - CMSWire
ReadWriteWeb November 3rd, 2009 "CompareMyDocs: Comparing and Merging Documents Made Easy" - ReadWriteWeb
Cnet November 3rd, 2009 "'Compare My Docs' does just what you think it does" - Cnet
Gartner July 10th, 2009 "TextFlow presents a very interesting approach to dealing with the results of email-document-revisions coming in from hither and yon. (This is the primary way people — including Gartner analysts — collaborate on a doc.)" - Gartner
basex May 27th, 2009 "For companies that find themselves struggling to manage the document lifecycle, TextFlow may provide a very simple yet elegant solution that simplifies the authoring process." - Basex
CMSWire April 15th, 2009 "The most obvious selling point of TextFlow is the way that it merges multiple versions of the same document into a single version with suggested changes arranged side by side." - Technology Review
CMSWire March 26th, 2009 "By taking a decentralized approach, users are free to work how they want, when they want, from wherever they want." - CMSWire
PCmag March 24th, 2009 "At the risk of using an overused term, I'd say that TextFlow represents a paradigm shift in document collaboration. It has numerous applications, in any field where multiple users must have access to and make comments on documents." - PCmag
ReadWriteWeb March 24th, 2009 "TextFlow, the visually stunning collaborative document editor we reviewed last November, just announced a major update today: online editing and back-end file storage offerings to augment its unique and easy to use Adobe AIR application." - ReadWriteWeb
Cnet March 24th, 2009 "Users can group together multiple versions of the same document and selectively pick which edits they want to keep - just like they would on the desktop version, but now without software." - Cnet
bnet January 30th, 2009 "TextFlow is not only way sexier than Google Docs (which offers basic collaboration tools of its own), it also solves the problem of company policies that don’t allow documents to reside in the cloud." - BNET January 7th, 2009 "It then puts all the changes into ONE document, with colors for the changes - just as if everyone had used track changes on ONE document." -
Web Worker Daily December 16th, 2008 "it’s definitely an app to watch if you do collaborative writing with multiple authors" - Web Worker Daily
eWeek November 26th, 2008 "for consumers and business users who need to spice up their productivity workflow with collaboration capabilities" - eWeek
The Street November 25th, 2008 "Yes, TextFlow is a spectacular software achievement." -
lifehacker November 25th, 2008 "you could drag and drop all of the documents into TextFlow and let it analyze the differences, making it significantly easier to create a single document using the best changes available and without making mistakes." - lifehacker
Macworld November 25th, 2008 "final version will allow it to store a complete archive and history" - Macworld
PCWorld November 25th, 2008"simplify matters by allowing users to compare multiple versions" - PC World
ReadWriteWeb November 24th, 2008 "Even though there are already a myriad of tools that try to make collaborative editing easier, few of them are as elegant and easy to use as TextFlow" - ReadWriteWeb
Cnet November 24th, 2008 "TextFlow makes multiple author edits less painful" - cnet
TechCrunch May 21th, 2008 "it sure looks pretty, doesn’t it?" - TechCrunch